1064 nm fiber amplifier / laser

PreciLasers offers a high-power (up to 130 W), low intensity noise, narrow linewidth highly-reliable fiber laser for the optical lattice application. It is a combination of an all-fiber Ytterbium amplifier and an ultra-narrow linewidth ECDL laser at 1064 nm as a seed source. The intensity noise of the laser is < -140 dBc/Hz from 10 kHz to 10 MHz. The full protection system of the laser ensures long-term free of maintainence and long life time. The laser is compact and robust, which only occupies an area of 300*240 mm²

    Main Specification

    Model FA-SF-XX-YY-ZZ1
    Central Wavelength , nm 1064±10
    Output Power , W 10 30 50 100 130
    Seed Laser Power , mW >10
    Linewidth FWHM , kHz Down to 5 kHz(With Precilaser' FL-SF-1XXX-S)
    Operation Mode CW
    RIN , dBc/Hz  RMS integration: <0.03% (10Hz-10 MHz)
    Beam Quality TEM00, M2<1.15
    PER , dB >23
    RMS Power Stability <0.5 %@3hrs
    Output  Collimated Fiber output
    Cooling Air Cooling Water Cooling
    Power Supply 50-60Hz , 100-240VAC


    1: XX: Central Wavelength;YY: Output Power;ZZ: Operation Mode;



    Key Features:

    • Low Intensity Noise(-140 dBc/Hz @100 kHz)
    • Narrow Linewidth(<10 kHz)
    • Good Beam quality (M² <1.2)
    • High Power (up to 130 W)
    • Operation in harsh conditions
    • Compact Size



    • Pump laser for OPO
    • Optical Lattice
    • Optical Traps
    • Optical Tweezers
    • Fundamental laser for 532 nm laser
    • Holography & Interferometry
    • High Resolution Spectroscopy


    Size for Water-Cooling Version Size for Water-Cooling Version
    Size for Air-cooling Version Size for Air-cooling Version