Fixed External Cavity Diode Laser

Compared with the traditional external cavity diode laser, FECL (fixed external cavity diode laser) has no movable elements in the structure. Thus it is able to work under heavy environment temperature variation and vibration, still free of mode-hop.

    Main Specification

    Adopting optical communication diode laser packaging technology, Precilasers developed FECL in a tiny butterfly-package. Meanwhile with the low-noise and high modulation-bandwidth driver, Precilasers' FECL shows ultra-narrow linewidth (< 10 kHz), ultra-low intensity noise (<-150 dBc/Hz @100 kHz) , and large modulation bandwidth(> 5MHz).

    FECL is widely used in areas like transportable atomic clock, and gravity meter, optical lattice, radar, coherent optical communication, high-precision optical sensing, quantum metrology.

    Types Precilasers-Fiber DFB Precilasers-Fixed-ECDL
    Linewidth, kHz < 2 < 10
    Thermal Tuning Range 0.8(nm) 10(GHz)
    Fast Tuning Range, GHz 3 0.8
    Tuning bandwidth  >3(kHz) >5(MHz) 
    Tuning method PZT Current
    Mode hopping Free Free


    Model FECL-15xx-xx
    Central Wavelength1 ,  nm 1530-1590
    Linewidth, kHz  <10 <5
    Output Power ,  mW >10
    Thermal Wavelength tuning Range, GHz >10
    Fast Frequency Tuning Range, GHz 0.8
    Fast Frequency Tuning Bandwidth (Option), MHz >5
    Optical S/N, dB >50
    Polarization, dB Linear, PER>20
     RMS Power Stability <0.5 %@3hrs
    Beam Quality TEM00, M2<1.1
    RIN (>10 kHz, dBc/Hz) RIN@ 10 kHz, dBc/Hz <-145
    Output Connector FC/APC
    Dimensions, mm³ 133≠83≠25
    Power Supply 5 V DC/2A
    Power Consumption, W <10

    1: Wavelength can be customized

    test data


    Optical S/N>70 dB


    Low intensity noise,


    Key Features:

    • Excellent shock resistance and high and low temperature resistance
    • Low Linewidth (<20 kHz) , <3KHz is optional
    • Never mode hopping, large tuning range without mode hopping
    • Narrow linewidth (<20 kHz) , <3 kHz is optional



    • Cold Atom Physics
    • Precision measurement
    • Spectral Beam Combining
    • Coherent Communication


    Seed(diode)laser size diagram Seed(diode)laser size diagram