Ultra-Low Noise Fiber Laser(1064,532,759,780,813nm)

Single Frequency Fiber laser with low Relative Intensity Noise (RIN) have wide application in quantum optics, pumping lasers, lidar, coherent optical communications, high-precision optical sensing, optical measurement, and precision spectroscopy. For example, the laser for trapping atoms in optical lattice demands not only high output power, but also low RIN to reduce the resonance between the lattice and atoms and low frequency noise (FN) to reduce the spatial vibration, which is quite important for the atoms lifetime in the lattice. In the atomic interferometer and atomic clock application, high power laser could lead to more atoms, uniform interaction area and high measurement SNR.

    Main Specification


    Key Features:

    • Low Intensity Noise (-140 dBc/Hz @100 kHz)
    • Narrow Linewidth(<10 kHz)
    • Good Beam quality (M² <1.2)
    • High Output Power (up to 100 W)
    • Operation in harsh conditions
    • Full Protection System 


    • Optica Lattice
    • Optical Tweezers
    • Optical Traps
    • Pump laser for OPO 


    1064nm 50w 低噪声单频光纤激光器-风冷 1064nm 50w 低噪声单频光纤激光器-风冷
    1064nm 50w 低噪声单频光纤激光器-水冷 1064nm 50w 低噪声单频光纤激光器-水冷
    1064nm 100W 低噪声单频光纤激光器 1064nm 100W 低噪声单频光纤激光器
    532nm 10w 低噪声单频光纤激光器-风冷 532nm 10w 低噪声单频光纤激光器-风冷
    532nm 10w 低噪声单频光纤激光器-水冷 532nm 10w 低噪声单频光纤激光器-水冷
    532nm 35w 低噪声单频光纤激光器 532nm 35w 低噪声单频光纤激光器
    532nm 35w 低噪声单频光纤激光器 532nm 35w 低噪声单频光纤激光器
    1550nm 15w 低噪声单频光纤激光器 1550nm 15w 低噪声单频光纤激光器