The Integrated Frequency Stabilization Controller

For some practical cold atom physics instruments, transportability is the basic requirement. For portable laser frequency stabilization systems, Precilasers has developed integrated laser frequency stabilization controller. The frequency stabilization optical path and locking controller are integrated in the controller. The laser frequency can be stabilized by simply input the laser through a fiber. Integrated frequency stabilized controller can be installed in two sets of frequency locking optical path and locking controller. With different combinations of Preci-Lock and Preci-Beat, the integrated controller can have different functions for dual-channels laser. Users can freely choose the type of the controller according to the demand.

    Main Specification


    The integrated optical path module can be used to generate saturated absorption spectrum or modulation transfer spectrum. According to the different atomic absorption cell in the module, it can be used to stabilize the frequency of laser with 780nm, 852nm 532nm or other wavelength.



    Key Features:





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