Seed laser

Single-frequency fiber laser has the greatest advantage of high-purity single-frequency laser outputting with narrow-linewidth.
Single-frequency fiber laser offered by Precilasers uses the technology of distributed feedback to generate linearly polarized single frequency laser in an all-fiber structure. The single-frequency operation is stable and efficient by adopting unique side frequency suppression technology. A special assembly structure is also used to isolate the impact of external environmental vibration and temperature changes, thereby effectively improving the long-term stability on frequency and narrowing the linewidth. Also in this way, the laser mode will never be hopped. At present, the average output power is greater than 10 mW, 40 mW and 10 mW at the band of 1 μm, 1.5 μm and 2 μm, respectively. The output wavelength is flexible and the linewidth is always less than 20 kHz. The wavelength thermal tuning range is as high as 0.8 nm and the fast frequency tuning range can reach 3-5 GHz. The laser also has good power stability (RMS<0.5% @3 hrs) and excellent beam quality (M2 <1.05). Therefore, the single frequency fiber laser offered by Precilasers is the best choice for cold atom physics, high power laser system, sensing and lidar applications.